Euroflansch produces threaded fittings according to DIN EN 10241 and ISO 4144 as a standard. The thread is regularly carried out to EN 10226, which can also be selected as NPT thread form.

DIN EN 10241
(replacement DIN 2980)
Steel threaded pipe
DIN 2980Steel threaded pipe
DIN 2981Steel threaded pipe, Fittings with long screw thread
DIN 2982Screwed Steel Pipe Fittings, Tape Nipples, Parallel Nipples
DIN 2983Screwed Steel Pipe Fitting, Bends
DIN 2986Threaded Steel Pipe Fittings, Sockets
DIN 2987Threaded Steel Pipe Fitting, Crosses, Elbows, Tees
DIN 2988Threaded Steel Pipe Fitting, Reducing Sockets
DIN 2990Threaded Steel Pipe Fittings, Hexagon Nipples, Bushings
DIN 2991Threaded Steel Pipe Fitting, Plugs, Caps
DIN 2993Threaded Steel Pipe Fittings, Pipe Unions
ISO 4144Pipework – Stainless steel fittings threaded in accordance with
ISO 7-1
ISO 7Pipe threads where pressure tight joints are made on the threads
ISO 7-1Part 1: Technical Corrigendum 1, Dimensions, tolerances and designation
Norms thread
EN 10226
(replacement DIN 2999)
Pipe threads where pressure tight joints are made on the threads
(Parallel internal thread, Taper internal thread)
DIN 2999Withworth-pipe thread for tubes and fittings, parallel internal thread, taper external thread, dimensions
DIN ISO 228-1Pipe threads where pressure tight joints are made on the threads.
Part 1: Dimensions, tolerances and designation
NPTNational pipe thread
DesignationGPipe thread parallel (not sealing thread)
e.g. DIN ISO 228 G½ (internal) / DIN ISO 228 G½A (external)
RpParallel pipe thread (internal, thread sealing)
RConical pipe thread (external, thread sealing)
RcConical pipe thread (internal, thread sealing)

Pipe / Back nuts with thread acc. DIN 431 and hexagon head screw plugs acc. DIN 910, execution thread ISO 228/1.
Further / similar Standards SMS 295, BS 21, VSM 51100, DS8, SFS2118 and NS 983.

Standards and technical documents are subject to continuous development. Therefore, in individual cases our list may not correspond to the latest revision.

Errors and omissions excepted.