DIN2527 PN6 – PN100 Blind flanges
DIN2566 PN10 – PN16 Screwed flanges
DIN2573; DIN2576 Flanges for soldering or welding
DIN2630; DIN2631; DIN2632; DIN2633;
DIN2634; DIN2635; DIN2636; DIN2637;
DIN2638; DIN2628; DIN2629; DIN2627
Welding neck flanges
DIN2641; DIN2642 Lapped flanges (loose flange)
DIN2655; DIN2656 Lapped flanges, plain collars
DIN2673 Lapped joint short stub end
DIN86029; DIN86030 Hubbed slip-on flange for welding
EN1092-1 Flanges and their joints – circular flanges for pipes, valves,
fittings and accessories, PN designated – Part 1: Steel
EN1092-1 Type 01 PN2,5 – PN100 Plate flange for welding
EN1092-1 Type 02 PN2,5 – PN40 Loose plate flange for Types 32-37
EN1092-1 Type 04 PN10 – PN40 Loose plate flange for Type 34
EN1092-1 Type 05 PN2,5 – PN100 Blank flange
EN1092-1 Type 11 PN2,5 – PN400 Weld-neck flange
EN1092-1 Type 12 PN6 – PN100 Hubbed slip-on flange for welding
EN1092-1 Type 13 PN6 – PN100 Hubbed theaded flange
EN1092-1 Type 21 PN2,5 – PN400 Intergral flange
EN1092-1 Type 32 PN2,5 – PN40 Weld-on plate collar
EN1092-1 Type 33 PN2,5 – PN16 Lapped end pipe
EN1092-1 Type 34 PN10 – PN40 Weld-neck collar
EN1092-1 Type 35 PN2,5 – PN40 Welding neck
EN1092-1 Type 36 PN2,5 – PN16 Pressed collar with long neck
EN1092-1 Type 37 PN2,5 – PN16 Pressed collar
ASME/ANSI B16.5 Pipe flanges and flanged fittings
ASME/ANSI B16.36 Orifice flanges
GOST12820-80 Plain flanges for welding
GOST12821-80 Welding neck flanges
GOST12822-80 Loose flanges, plain collars
W0 General principles for materials
W2 Austenitic steels
W9 Steel flanges
W10 Low temperature materials, iron materials
W13 Forgings and rolled carbon and alloy steel parts
VdTUEV-Material Sheet
350/3 Flanges acc. DIN EN 1092-1 steel C22.8/P250GH
354/3 Weldable fine-grain steels
399/3 Non-alloy structual steel C21

* JIS, ANFOR and other national or special design.

Standards and technical documents are subject to constant evolution. This means that even our installation is subject to constant change and in individual cases may not be up-to-date.